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2022.04.01Introducing bilingual news service J-Stories

Tokyo-based bilingual news service J-Stories has officially launched on April 1. Led by a team of experienced journalists, the online media platform brings ambitious innovations from Japan to an international audience.

J-Stories features solutions to the environmental and social challenges facing modern society, such as global warming and widening inequality. Its content – published in English and Japanese – is designed for a global audience, including overseas investors.


The newly launched J-Stories is a news service operated by Pacific Bridge Media and Consulting (PBMC), which is located in central Tokyo and led by entrepreneurial journalist Toshi Maeda.


The launch of the service comes at a time when Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) issues and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which aim for fair and environmentally friendly social reform, are becoming more important than ever.

Some Japanese companies are working on ambitious innovations not only in decarbonization and environmental protection, but also in such fields as diversity, inclusion and well-being. Using video and articles, J-Stories will report on such future-oriented business activities and management visions from global perspectives.

PBMC will produce and distribute high-quality news through J-Stories. By raising domestic and international interest in solutions from Japan and by expanding avenues for fundraising and other activities, it will support the progress of various projects that aim for a sustainable society.

The J-Stories editorial and production team is composed of professional reporters, information gatherers and analysts who create stories for both domestic and international audiences. The team’s leaders include journalists with extensive experience working for Japanese and international media such as Reuters.

Toshi Maeda, a former Reuters correspondent and producer, will serve as managing editor. And Katsuro Kitamatsu, a former head of Reuters Japan, will serve as editorial adviser.


The J in J-Stories, stands not only for Japan, but also journalism and a joyful optimistic vision of the future. Alongside our own platform, we plan to enhance our content distribution framework through partnerships with international financial information services as well as domestic and international media outlets in order to directly reach institutional and individual investors around the world.






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