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2024.05.02Dive into the Mind of Toshi Maeda, the CEO of PBMC – Available Now on J-STORIES

Check out our exclusive interview with Toshi Maeda, the dynamic CEO of PBMC and editor in chief of J-STORIES, featured in the latest issue of J-STORIES. From not speaking a word of English at first, Maeda decided to study abroad and his journey took him across the American continent in pursuit of knowledge. Drawing from his experiences as an international journalist both in Japan and abroad, Maeda reveals the motivations behind founding PBMC and his return to the journalistic roots at J-STORIES. Dive into his compelling interview today!

Below, you’ll find the extensive three-part interview.

Part 1: English-language journalist-turned-startup-entrepreneur returns to journalism to launch J-STORIES

Excerpt from J-STORIES ー In this interview, Toshi Maeda, founder and editor in chief of J-STORIES, talks about how he got into journalism, his time as a journalist, and how he left journalism to develop an app as an entrepreneur. In the first of a three-part series, we asked Maeda about his student days when he first encountered the world of journalism.


Part 2: From journalist to entrepreneur: Journalists’ challenges and transitions

Excerpt from J-STORIES ー  In the previous issue (Part 1), J-STORIES editor in chief, Maeda talked about the time he was a student in which he first became interested in journalism and his early days as a reporter for an English-language newspaper. In Part 2, we asked Maeda to talk about how he changed his mind and became an entrepreneur to develop apps, after having tried his hand at journalism overseas.

Part 3:
The Birth of J-STORIES A new role for media to connect Japanese startups to the world

Excerpt from J-STORIES ー In Part 1, Maeda shared how he got into journalism and his early days as an English-language journalist, and in Part 2, we asked him about his time as a reporter in the U.S. and the development of an app he worked on as an entrepreneur. In part 3, the final part of the series, he will talk about the launch of J-STORIES, his current thoughts, and his vision for the future.