Announcements from Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting.

2022.01.31Visualizing future projects with CG

Recently, we created a website from scratch along with a CG banner video for Japanese business conglomerate Marubeni.

The site is designed so that visitors can understand at a glance the appeal of wind power generation and the activities of the company’s alternative energy unit, Marubeni Offshore Wind Development Corporation (MOWD).

The company’s offshore windmills have yet to be built, thus we applied the power of CG (Computer Graphics) to help visualize their concept. The images of vessels navigating through floating wind turbines shown on the top page are all made with CG.

Earlier this month, the Japanese company and its European partners won the international bidding to build offshore wind farms off the coast of Scotland. It’s our absolute pleasure to provide multilingual and creative support for companies that are expanding their businesses globally.

→ CLICK HERE to see the website: Marubeni Offshore Wind Development Corporation (MOWD)