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CEO Toshi Maeda's Latest Webinar Video

PBMC CEO Toshi Maeda provided tips on how PR and Marcom professionals could possible see their corporate stories published (or at least mentioned) in international media during a webinar hosted by Kartz Media Works last week, which also discussed how to use "video news releases" effectively in communication with the media.

The webinar video (in Japanese) can be watched here:

ウェビナー「元特派員が教える“国際ニュースの作り方” 〜 今だからこそ始めるべき海外プレスリリース活用入門」 from PBMC on Vimeo.

【Webinar Title】

A former news correspondent's insider tips on "how international news is made" (Nov. 5, 2020)


・How do Reuters and AP deliver news every day?

・"Target audience" is everything that dictates news

・"Three criteria" that need to be met for a news story

・How can companies collaborate with media by providing "assets" that are easy to use?


Wanna Get Your Company's Story Published? -- Join Toshi on Nov. 5 Webinar!

"A Former Correspondent's Insider Tips on How International News Is Made ~ and Beginners' Guide to Video News Release"

Our CEO Toshi Maeda is speaking on a webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 5, to discuss "how international news is made" and its implications for Japanese companies that want to raise their international profiles by getting their stories published by global or targeted media.

We encourage you to join the free webinar, especially if you're involved in global PR or Marketing/Communications!

(This webinar will be in Japanese and there will be no English translation, unfortunately..)

→ For more details on the Nov. 5 webinar, please click here


PBMC Featured in Online Media

PBMC was featured in an article published by visual/video web media company “APRESS NOTE”.

The article aims to introduce YouTubers to video production companies, with PBMC notably mentioned as “recommended for those thinking of distributing YouTube videos on the world stage.”

Additionally, they state that we have "many experiences and achievements in a variety of areas, such as making videos for branding companies internationally, and promotional videos for products and services for overseas markets.”

→ Posted article [Kanto region] Summary of companies that can make YouTube videos [2020 version] (our company is introduced from the 8th from the top)


10th Anniversary Thank-You Campaign!

High-Quality Bilingual Video Content Production Only For ¥100,000 - Referral Campaign Also Underway!

In commemoration of our 10th Anniversary, we've launched the “PBMC 10th Anniversary 10X10 Thank You Campaign,” which will offer up to 10 companies the production and distribution of a high-quality bilingual video content only for a whopping 100,000 yen (or 10-man yen)!

This is a limited-time campaign that will only last until the end of August.

For the first 10 clients to sign up, we will provide high-quality news-style video production in English (or Japanese) along with its social media distribution, usually costing ¥700,000, at a heavily discounted rate of ¥100,000. The shooting and production will be done by professional crews who have had experience working for international news organizations and overseas markets.

The 60-90 second content produced during this campaign can be distributed, free of charge, on our SNS news channel for overseas audiences and foreign residents in Japan. The content may be also used freely on the client's own website or social media channels.

Why don’t you take this once-in-a-decade opportunity to promote your company’s products and services, your messages, your ideas, and distribute them to Japan and the world in Video?

Because our high-quality content is recognized and trusted around the world, this is a rare opportunity to get it at such a low cost. So please feel free to contact us soon!

In addition, a referral campaign is also underway. If a customer you introduce to us confirms a contract, we will send you a Starbucks gift card worth ¥10,000!

→ For details and signing up, please click here

→ To see our official press release, please click here


Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

As Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting Co., Ltd. (PBMC) celebrates its 10-year anniversary today, we would like to express our profound gratitude to all of our clients, partners, staff, and supporters who have worked with us so far and made this possible.

On June 30th, 2010, I established Pacific Bridge in a room of a 3-story apartment in Ebisu, where I lived at the time. The long name, specifically “Media & Consulting”, was added because I wanted to emphasize that we were a media company that could provide “added value” beyond just production.

Our ideology at the time of founding was "to help companies tell their stories to the world" by utilizing our knowledge, accumulated through our experience in journalism and news. The goal was to see these companies offering useful products and services go beyond borders and cultures so that they can help those who really need them outside of a single country or region. That ideology has not changed today.

Now 10 years later, companies have become more and more active in spreading their information and materials, and we are very pleased to see that the overseas distribution of such has become much more common.

According to statistics, only 6% of companies in Japan survive 10 years after their initial foundation. To achieve this accomplishment is something we are incredibly grateful to everyone for.

At the same time, after 10 years, I feel that Pacific Bridge has just now ended its long run-up period, and that right now is another major starting point.

For the next decade, our team will continue to further pursue and strive to realize our mission of “connecting the world with trusted content, and helping push forward human progress.”

We look forward to - and sincerely appreciate - your continued support and encouragement.

Toshi Maeda, CEO