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PBMC at BioJapan 2017

The Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting team recently had a booth at the BioJapan 2017 expo at Pacifico in Yokohama.

We introduced our corporate video production and Executive Video Messages services to bio-tech and other life sciences companies from Japan and overseas.

It was an excellent three days. We met lots of great people and had a busy, but fun time.

Some of our Japanese speaking visitors even tried out our teleprompter, reading scripts they'd not seen before in English and learning just how easy it is!

Hope to see you again!


Executive Messages Seminar

The PBMC team demonstrated its new Executive Messages video service at a seminar held at Dasihsinsha Communications Design in Tokyo on Friday (September 8).

After PBMC CEO Toshi Maeda explained the video process, Daishinsha's Marketing Planner, Shinya Oobuchi, recorded a message using the teleprompter in front of the crowd.

The results were quickly edited together with graphics, b-roll (overlay) and music, then played to attendees at the end of the seminar.

Seminar guests were later invited to experience the teleprompter for themselves.

Thanks for being our brave guinea-pig Oobuchi-san!

Here’s the results of our quick coaching session with Oobuchi-san at Daishinsha.


“Executive Video Messages” Launched

PBMC has launched a new service, called "Executive Video Messages," designed for business clients.

Using the latest in video technology, we will produce English video messages delivered by top company executives. Through this service, we will also be supporting companies who wish to expand globally, enhance their corporate governance and establish global branding.

Please click on the following link to find out more, and also see a video sample:

Introduction to Executive Video Messages (in Japanese)

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