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Netflix Festival x PBMC

PBMC is very proud to be part of the content production team for Netflix Festival Japan 2021, which features Netflix's upcoming titles for this winter and beyond.

During the Live Action Day of the online event, a few videos produced by PBMC were aired to showcase Hollywood blockbuster "Red Notice" as well as to deliver high-energy messages from major international actors, such as Halle Barry and Lilly Collins, who are starring in the latest Netflix films and series.

If you haven't seen the latest line-up from Netflix Japan for 2022, you can check it out here!


Promoting Japanese startups worldwide

Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting (PBMC) has been helping Japanese startups raise funds and acquire talented people overseas through content creation.

As part of this effort, we are pleased to share the content we produced for TELEXISTENCE, a company that develops remote-controlled robots, and has raised approximately 2.2 billion yen in a Series A-2 round of funding.

It's a 4-minute, documentary-style video featuring interviews with the company's CEO as well as its staff members who come from various different, diverse backgrounds.

Founded in 2017, TELEXISTENCE is a Tokyo-based robotics company whose mission is to "change robots, change structures, and change the world." The name of the company refers to the concept of a human being effectively being in a place other than where he or she physically exists.

TELEXISTENCE raises $20M (JPY 2.2 billion) in a Series A-2 round of funding

We all felt proud after we were able to capture the uniqueness and strength of the TELEXISTENCE team. As you can see in the video, the company gathers highly specialized personnel from all over the world and develops hardware, software, and automation technology consistently in-house.

The realization of a world where robots will sooner take over the role of convenience store employees, for example, and where such robots can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, is fast approaching.

PBMC is always proud to support Japanese entrepreneurs and startups on a global level!


Seeking diversity ~ Interview with Actress Chizuru Azuma

Did Tokyo 2020 foster diversity and harmony?

It’s little known that as part of the Tokyo 2020 Games, there was an official cultural program dedicated to highlight minority artists, such as those with physical disabilities and those who identify as LGBTQ.

The program is called "MAZEKOZE Island Tour," with Mazekoze meaning “mixing up” or , in a broader sense, “diversity.”

The Mazekoze video, which is available on YouTube (please see links below), features various inspiring, minority artists ranging from dwarf performers to dancers with a prosthesis.

We had an exclusive interview with Japanese actress Chizuru Azuma, who served as executive director for the Mazekoze project.

"MAZEKOZE Island Tour" -- Official Website

"MAZEKOZE Island Tour" -- Full-version Video


PBMC's Summer Olympic Team

At PBMC, we had our own Olympic team this summer, which consisted of about 10 experienced sports news directors, editors, supervisors and supporting staff.

Their mission was to produce Olympic highlight videos for Japanese audiences on a daily basis during the Games, focusing on the performances of top Japanese and international athletes.

Thanks to the highly professional production staff on our team and their supporters, we’re happy to announce that we’ve accomplished one of our most challenging - and rewarding - projects without a hitch and by the deadline.

As everyone knows, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were held under extremely difficult circumstances - a year’s delay, no spectators, and tough restrictions imposed on essentially everyone taking part in the huge international event.

To deliver powerful, inspiring and moving stories of Olympic athletes to the audience, our directors, editors and supporting staff started their days early in the morning and stayed in our editing room till late at night amid a fast-paced production environment as Japan earned an unprecedented number of medals during these Games.

Among other things, our team’s forte was story-telling. Our directors made sure to check each athlete’s interview clip word by word and picked their strongest messages to weave the best stories possible.

The team members were also highly motivated and proud of their work. As the Olympics brought the entire world together, there’s no doubt that this project also united us as a strong team!

Some of our work can be seen here:

Click here to watch Tokyo 2020 Highlight Videos


Toshi Maeda Goes on Air!

In a recent radio interview, PBMC’s CEO Toshi Maeda talked about his life, career, and the road trip he took from the US down to South America that inspired him to become a journalist and eventually work as a media entrepreneur.

You can watch a shortened version of the interview on YouTube here:

Many thanks to veteran TV reporter Masaki Omura and Kartz Media Works CEO Takashi Murakami for an enjoyable conversation.

The "Media Style" series is a live radio program on Tokyo's Rainbow Town FM that invites and interviews a professional in the media industry every week. The YouTube video is an edited version of the live radio interview and is available anytime. Please check it out!