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2021.09.21Seeking diversity – Interview with actress Chizuru Azuma

Did Tokyo 2020 foster diversity and harmony? 

It’s little known that as part of the Tokyo 2020 Games, there was an official cultural program dedicated to highlight minority artists, such as those with physical disabilities and those who identify as LGBTQ.

The program is called “MAZEKOZE Island Tour,” with Mazekoze meaning “mixing up” or , in a broader sense, “diversity.”

The Mazekoze video, which is available on YouTube (please see links below), features various inspiring, minority artists ranging from dwarf performers to dancers with a prosthesis.

 We had an exclusive interview with Japanese actress Chizuru Azuma, who served as executive director for the Mazekoze project.

“MAZEKOZE Island Tour” — Full-version Video