Video News Release

Distribution Service for the Japanese Market



Even if the movement of people is restricted, the spread of information and business can’t be stopped.

In wake of COVID-19, many companies are now facing the challenge of promoting their information, vision, and social values, such as ESG, at a global level in an online environment.

In spite of having an excellent business and/or service to offer, it can still be difficult to be featured by local media outlets in Japan. Many companies want to be able to spread their passionate messages to investors and clients in the Japanese market.

With this global distribution service, we will take your message and vision, and deliver it online directly to media professionals and target audiences in Japan.

For foreign clients already based in Japan, we can also create a video that encapsulates your company ethos, ensure that it resonates with Japanese viewers, and subsequently distribute it. Our news gathering team, with a wealth of experience in producing coverage for both domestic and overseas markets, will effectively capture your business and/or events, produce articles and manuscripts, and edit it into a video package.

by a Press team

Multilingual Production


Interviews Produced by a team of ex-journalists with extensive experience in foreign and domestic media coverage

Production Reliable video and article production that’s globally trusted

Delivery Direct delivery to media companies, journalists, writers, and bloggers in Japan


Confidence from Local Media and Viewers

By utilizing the experience and techniques of former journalists, we guarantee content that is trusted by local viewers.

Empathy from the Field

In addition to language and high quality video, we also stress the importance of creating content that instills in the local audience a deep understanding of your perspective.

Improving Market Value

We will reaffirm and improve your company’s value by locating the aspect with maximum potential in the Japanese market, and focus on strengthening it.

Examples of Use

PR (for public relations and journalists in Japan)

Video releases can be used for a variety of applications such as press conferences, corporate event and digest videos, press release videos, tourism promotions, and product introductions.

IR (for Investors)

Investors both domestic and foreign are increasingly placing emphasis on the company’s contribution to the environment and society. However, such valuable information about the company is not regularly covered by the media. Therefore, it’s necessary for them to actively promote their SDG and ESG developments themselves. The company’s top messages and interviews of the fiscal year can then be made into high quality video releases.

B-to-B (specific industry personnel)

B-to-B content, such as product information or marketing for people in a specific industry, can also be produced and distributed as a video release.

Service Workflow

① Meeting

A meeting will be held to clarify the intended message and determine target audience attributes.

② Content Production + Localization

For companies requiring a video, a team of professionals well-versed in shooting, editing, and multiple languages, will extensively cover the material and prepare a 90 second content package in the Japanese language. The bilingual production will be based in English and Japanese. However other languages including Chinese, Spanish, and French can also be supported.

③ Target Distribution

Delivering news and content to the target audience in Japan. Using the global press release distribution network "Global PR Wire", provided by our strategic PR partner, Kartz Media Works Co., Ltd., we will carry out distribution that maximizes the potential of your content in the Japanese market.

④ SNS Development + Follow-Up

We will continue to distribute and expand the reach of the content on social media as necessary and report the viewing results.

Production Examples