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"Eho-maki" or "lucky-direction sushi roll" explained

In the interest of public interest, Toshi recently ate a long sushi roll on camera for Japan Headlines, explaining the reasoning behind the annual eating of "eho-maki" (or lucky direction sushi) in Japan each February 3.

Much to the amusement of passers-by, Toshi faced this year's lucky direction and quietly ate his roll. As we write this, he is still waiting for his $3 million wish to be deposited into his account.

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Toshi appeared again on TOKYO MX1's "Morning Cross" this week.

This time he spoke about the concept of Fake News, what it is and why it’s become a ‘thing’ in the US and across the world.

He discussed Trump’s hand-picked 2017 Fake News Awards that recently appeared on the Republican National Committee website, as well as the steps FaceBook has been taking to combat Fake News and the ramifications it will have on its business.

Once again, we look forward to your next appearance, Toshi-san



It was Tacos Party time at PBMC recently as we gathered with family + friends to celebrate the end of another successful year and the beginning of an even better 2018.

With plenty of food and drink and some salsa’ing thrown in, the celebrations continued way beyond some bed-times.



Toshi has been getting up very early this year, to appear on “Morning Cross” on TOKYO MX1 here in Tokyo. Recently he spoke about the leaked documents known as the Paradise Papers. Even though he didn't personally go through the all 13.4 million! of them, we believe he did a great job of explaining what it was all about to Morning Cross hosts, Jun Hori and Mayuko Miyase, and fellow panel members, journalist Masaru Seo and Artificial Intelligence expert Dr. Maki Sakamoto. We look forward to your next appearance, Toshi-san!


PBMC at BioJapan 2017

The Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting team recently had a booth at the BioJapan 2017 expo at Pacifico in Yokohama.

We introduced our corporate video production and Executive Video Messages services to bio-tech and other life sciences companies from Japan and overseas.

It was an excellent three days. We met lots of great people and had a busy, but fun time.

Some of our Japanese speaking visitors even tried out our teleprompter, reading scripts they'd not seen before in English and learning just how easy it is!

Hope to see you again!