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Yasuke: East Meets West

PBMC has produced a promotional video for Netflix's animation series - "Yasuke: East Meets West."

A short, behind-the-scenes documentary showcasing the Yasuke series, including interviews with Academy Award-nominated actor LaKeith Stanfield, director LeSean Thomas, character designer Takeshi Koike and Grammy Award-winning composer Flying Lotus.

The mini-series tells a fantastical story of Yasuke, who was actually a real-life black samurai who served under Japanese warlord Nobunaga Oda in the late 1500s.

What’s unique about this show is that while it was animated by one of Japan’s leading animation studios, MAPPA, it was actually directed by LeSean Thomas, an African American working in Tokyo.


PBMC awarded “Best Global Media Agency” in Japan

We’re happy to announce that PBMC has been awarded “ The Best Global Media Agency - Japan ” by the UK-based business publication, APAC Insider Magazine.

The online publication commends the outstanding achievements of global business owners and entrepreneurs across the Asia Pacific region by providing recognition awards every year.

Please see below an interview article with our CEO Toshi Maeda, published in the APAC Insider Magazine.

APAC Insider article - Business Awards 2020 (Please click here and see Page 11)


Looking Ahead from 3-11

Today marks exactly 10 years since the Great Tōhoku Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, 2011, and claimed the lives of nearly 20,000 people.

Once again, all the staff of our company pray for the souls of those who lost their lives in the disaster, and for the hundreds of thousands of people who lost loved ones, that their deep sorrow and emptiness will be healed with time.

Looking back 10 years ago, we had just started up as a company, and I, Toshi Maeda, was the sole person covering and reporting the news. After the earthquake, I went into the disaster area several times for international media such as Reuters, CNN, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, to report on the situation of the "triple disaster" that Japan was facing: a major earthquake, tsunami, and radiation.

Since then, as the disaster-stricken areas have been gradually recovering, our business has also gradually grown and expanded. We have been involved not only in news production but also in the production of various corporate content for overseas audiences.

In fact, there are many Japanese and U.S. companies that are making efforts to support the reconstruction of the affected areas as part of their CSR activities. Among our clients, Nissan Motor and Johnson & Johnson have been actively involved in such activities. Our connection with 3-11 has shifted from producing hard news content, to creating branded and corporate content with a focus on the recovery of the affected areas.

Looking ahead, we will continue to develop our content production by combining our strengths in journalism and corporate social contribution activities, and contribute to the recovery of the affected areas and the growth of the Japanese economy through high quality global content. PBMC will continue to produce content that will share the importance of life, family, and safety with the world.

東日本大震災から10年 ー PBMCの軌跡とこれから


Welcome to Our Team

We are pleased to introduce our new leaders!

PBMC welcomes Ms. Sayuri Daimon as our new Executive Director and Mr. Nicolas Ito as Head of Production to further our clients' values . The new appointments are expected to empower Japanese companies and businesses operating in overseas markets through high-quality branded content and contribute to the sustainable development of their businesses.

Ms. Daimon, former Executive Officer and Editorial Director of The Japan Times, now serves as our new Executive Director. She has many years of experience as a reporter and editor of Japan's respected and oldest English-language daily newspaper, particularly with a focus on ESG-related projects. Under the new leadership of Ms. Daimon, PBMC will deliver Japanese clients' branded content, including SDGs-related stories, to share the clients' social contributions and corporate values to the world.

Additionally, Mr. Nicolas Ito, former producer at International Media DAZN, is appointed PBMC's Head of Production, strengthening and expanding the content production team.

Ms. Sayuri Daimon says: "We live in an age where the question of how to discuss Japan in English is more important than ever, as the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from traveling abroad. I'm looking forward to working with the members of PBMC, a bilingual group of people who have combined their journalism experience with technology to produce and disseminate excellent video content."

Mr. Nicolas Ito says: "Ironically, we live in an age where even the accuracy of 'truth' is being questioned. But at the same time, the power of visual images lies in how well they can express the 'truth' of the moment. Whether it is a corporate commercial or a tourist introduction video, I would like to contribute to PBMC's video production without ignoring the 'truth' that is the foundation of journalism."

As corporations' demand increases for Japan-originated content for overseas audiences, it is a great pleasure to have two respected professionals with such a wealth of media experience, knowledge, and networks joining us at PBMC. We hope that they will become another driving force behind PBMC's further growth and advancement.

Please welcome both Daimon-san and Nicolas-san as they bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to the PBMC team and its community!

Press Release:

Former Japan Times Executive Officer Sayuri Daimon Appointed Executive Director of Pacific Bridge Media and Consulting (PBMC)


CEO Toshi Maeda's Latest Webinar Video

PBMC CEO Toshi Maeda provided tips on how PR and Marcom professionals could possible see their corporate stories published (or at least mentioned) in international media during a webinar hosted by Kartz Media Works last week, which also discussed how to use "video news releases" effectively in communication with the media.

The webinar video (in Japanese) can be watched here:

ウェビナー「元特派員が教える“国際ニュースの作り方” 〜 今だからこそ始めるべき海外プレスリリース活用入門」 from PBMC on Vimeo.

【Webinar Title】

A former news correspondent's insider tips on "how international news is made" (Nov. 5, 2020)


・How do Reuters and AP deliver news every day?

・"Target audience" is everything that dictates news

・"Three criteria" that need to be met for a news story

・How can companies collaborate with media by providing "assets" that are easy to use?