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Pacific Bridge working with The Associated Press

Pacific Bridge (PBMC) has started working alongside AP to create video content for AP’s news production and online distribution services.

The content that we create gets shared on their server, then spreads to TV and online media all over the world! Some stories that we have made are Christmas Illuminations, Vtuber Phenomenon, Japan’s Doll Obsession, and so on.

We were able to find some links to websites and TV stations that have used our content.

Polish News



New Ecosystem for Online Media Companies

This week CEO Toshi Maeda unveiled a new project aimed at helping online media companies to share content across borders. By sharing video content internationally with partnering news outlets, companies can bring new contents from across the globe to their home audiences.

The new project promises to be one that eases the strain that many online media companies face with regards to obtaining quality footage of stories from other countries that cannot be verified.

To read more about this upcoming platform, check out the article here written by CEO Toshi Maeda which explains the concepts surrounding the platform.


PBMC provides training for Tokyo Global Gateway instructors

This week, the Pacific Bridge team headed out to Odaiba to hold a workshop for future instructors at Tokyo Global Gateway, a new English teaching facility that seeks to teach real world English through both conversation and role-plays.

One of these role-plays is to put together a short television news program in order to teach non-native speakers the vocabulary they'll need to understand what they're hearing when they watch TV news.

CEO Toshi Maeda explained some of the finer workings of a news room and gave suggestions to improve the quality of the videos made. This is all to help the instructors have a better grasp on how to use their studio when their first students start arriving in September.

This class is one of the most popular courses offered at Tokyo Global Gateway and we wish them all the best!


New members!

Two new employees have joined our company as of this spring! Their names are Mr. Katsumata Lennon & Ms. Kessler Ashley. They are in charge of our media production. They are very passionate and energetic, so we are expecting to see good things from them!


Pacific Bridge team speaks at Turner Japan’s internal workshop

Our CEO Toshi Maeda and Chief Engineer Shoki were invited to give a lecture at a workshop for the employees of Turner Japan, which operates a network of cable and satellite channels including CNN.

Speaking on the topic “Merger of Media and AI,” the Pacific Bridge duo talked about some of the latest examples of “AI reporters” and “AI announcers” making inroads into real newsrooms.

Also among the latest technologies discussed was a new AI-assisted system that enables semi-automatic localization of video content, which is being developed by Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting for broadcasters.

In addition, Maeda showcased the latest samples of “Personalized Video” content as well as “targeted” content distribution made possible through the merger of personal data into media. Pacific Bridge provides these “data-driven” content services in partnership with Sunday Sky (Israel) and GlassView (USA).