“Trusted Content” X “Global” X “Digital”

These 3 elements form the driving force to realize Pacific Bridge’s mission: “To connect the world with content that is trusted, to push forward human progress.”

Simultaneously, one of our strongest points is our team of multilingual, multicultural media professionals. For over 10 years now, Pacific Bridge has been producing and providing high quality content to satisfied corporate clients and major media outlets, both in Japan and overseas.

Currently, the importance of an “online presence” is growing more and more, with companies having to increasingly ask themselves how to win trust in such a global environment.

Through producing content, we provide a variety of services to clients so that they can win this trust and strengthen their corporate value, both domestically and abroad.

Pacific Bridge appreciates the methods, values, and integrity of good journalism. A portion of our revenue goes to investigative journalism and humanitarian aid projects for children around the world.